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February 19th, 2019 by trendazine

Nigerian veteran actor Baba Suwe is one who is popularly known by man Nigerians within and outside the country. This is due to the hilarious roles he has played in many movies. With his coal darkened face, large, overdressed physique and fiery, funny words, he has won the hearts of many people. But at the peak of his career, he was roped in certain controversies which nearly wrecked his career.

The amiable Baba Suwe whose real name is Babatunde Omidina is indeed one celebrity who caught the attention of many people. His hilarious movies and skits have been played by one too many people over and over again.

During the heydays of his career, the hilarious Nollywood star was highly favoured by many especially those who were huge fans of Yoruba-speaking movies. However, the veteran actor has jumped from one scandal to another.

From being implicated in a drug case to being pointed to as the father of another actress’ child, the Nollywood actor has been involved in several not-so-good situations which have put significant dents in his career. Here are three top scandals Baba Suwe has been involved in.

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2. Baba Suwe and NDLEA saga

On October 13, 2012, Baba Suwe headed to Muritala Mohammed Airport in the hope of catching a flight to Paris where he was meant to play the role of a masters of ceremony at a friend’s naming ceremony. Little did he know that the singular trip was going to be the beginning of a whole new chapter in his life.

Upon reaching the airport, the veteran actor was arrested by officers of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA). According to them, they suspected that he was in possession of a hard drug which they believed to be cocaine.

From being arrested, he was tested for signs of hard drug ingestion. Unfortunately, he proved negative to the test. This caused them to detain him for several days. They were hoping that he would excrete the hard substance.

After the long, arduous, embarrassing proceeds he underwent, Baba Suwe was released and a bail of N500,000 was paid in this regard. Given the level of embarrassment Babatunde had to go through, his lawyer sued the public sector, and in the end, it was agreed that he would be given a compensation fee of N25 million. It would actually appear that this sum has not been paid. He eventually lost right to the money.

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3. ‘Illegal’ Father

Popular Yoruba actress Opeyemi Aiyeola gave birth to a beautiful daughter. For whatever reason, rumours went round that the child belongs to Baba Suwe. This gossip dragged for a long time.

However, Opeyemi Aiyeola came out herself to say on her Instagram page that she was not in a secret relationship with Baba Suwe and he was not the father of her child. Her exact words were: “He is my boss and a kind man. He used to cast me in a lot of roles when I started. And I am grateful to him”.

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4. Abandoned or not?

The most recent controversy surrounding Baba Suwe has to do with his health status. It has been said that the Nollywood actor is sick and totally out of form. He himself came out to say that he had partial stroke.

On top of this crisis, many other Nollywood actors and actresses have been reeled into this case. It has been said that most of them have abandoned in this time of need. A fan took to accosting Lizzy Anjorin on this matter and she rained curses on him for this.

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Even more, Mr Latin who is the president of TAMPAN, a faction of Yoruba actor’s governing body, has taken to responding on behalf of other Yoruba acts. He said: “I have just instructed the Lagos State executive of the association to check on him (Baba Suwe) to ascertain his health progress.

“I can tell you that we have not abandoned him, as well as any of our members, as being speculated in some quarters by mischief-makers.” ( -> We have upgraded to serve you better

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February 19th, 2019 by trendazine

The celebrity life may have its downsides but there’s certainly nothing as amazing as being able to comfortably afford expensive things, no matter how irrelevant they may seem.

While the world is used to celebrities often splashing monies on cars, houses, gadgets and holiday trips, not so many people however, were prepared for Canadian-born American rapper, Drake, ridiculous latest acquisition.

The rapper reportedly spent the whooping sum of N145m on a phone case made of 18-karat gold with blue and white diamonds.The luxury jeweler who designed the casing, Jason of Beverly Hills, shared a video of the sparkling accessory on Friday with the caption: “Because we can’t do basic! Diamond iPhone case cover for our friend @champagnepapi”

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The case is covered with tiny diamonds and features an OVO owl, representing his record label.

‘As soon as the new iPhone came out Drake reached out to me wanting to create something epic to add to his collection of jewels.” Jason Arasheben, CEO of Jason of Beverly Hills, told an online publication.

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The 31-years-old singer is no stranger to spending lots of money as net worth of this is about $100 million. It’s not hard to guess that the figure has risen significantly up to this point after the release of “Scorpio” in 2018. The album beat a range of records almost immediately after the release. Spotify reported that on June 29, the album was streaming about 10 million times per hour. Read more:

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February 19th, 2019 by trendazine

The Nigerian entertainment industry is one riddled with loads of controversies. A journalist recently took to social media with an alleged story of infidelity by a partner to one of Nigeria’s biggest music superstars.

The journalist identified as Kemi Olunloyo took to her Twitter timeline with a post in which she had directed at singer, Davido.

In the tweet, she alleged that the singer’s lover Chioma, had dumped him since October 2018 and that he (Davido) had cursed her out for doing her job as one that keeps the public aware of necessary information.

She continued in another tweet in which she put forward an alleged report of Special Spesh, a worker under Davido’s record label, revealing in a private chat that the Assurance crooner’s lover was usually involved in romantic affairs with other parties, whenever she was in London.

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The private chat she shared also revealed further that another member of the DMW crew Peruzzi, was well aware of the alleged escapades of the singer’s lover.

See the tweets below:

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Many followers had instantly taken under the post to react. Many had prayed Olunloyo to desist from reporting unfounded stories about the celebrity star.

See reactions below:

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Meanwhile, had previously gathered the report of celebrity singer 2baba, who had come out to reveal his stand on domestic violence against women. A social media user had posed a question at him asking if he beat up his wife. The legendary singer responded by making it known that it was a course of action he could never try. ( -> We have upgraded to serve you better

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February 18th, 2019 by trendazine

A number of people view matters of love and relationships differently. Some guys and ladies seem to believe that a relationship is not feasible without being financially stable, while others are of the belief that true love conquers all.

Despite that the commonly accepted belief among some Nigerian ladies is that men should be able to take care of their needs. A number of them have even put a price on what their boyfriends should own.

A Nigerian lady identified as Maryam (@rozzeloya) on Twitter has taken to the microblogging site to explain that any man who does not have about half a million naira does not deserve intimacy. She further advised such men to go and work.

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See her tweet below:

As expected, her interesting opinion has raised several reactions on social media. A number of people took to lambasting and raining insults on her while others asked her how much ladies should have before deserving sex from their boyfriends seeing as its vice versa.

See some reactions below:

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Nawa o.

Meanwhile previously reported on Ghanaian couple who work together as bus driver and conductor to earn a living.

A 55-year-old man, Edward Armah Ago, and his wife Evelyn Adjeley Adjei, 42, have been working together as a couple in the popular ‘trotro’ business for over five years, according to The Mirror.

Armah and Adjeley working together as a driver and bus conductor (mate) respectively, plying their trotro business between La Tse Addo and Kwame Nkrumah Circle, has strengthened their commitment to each other and deepened their relationship.

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February 18th, 2019 by trendazine

A number of times, lifelong friendships are formed in the most unlikely places. Competitors sometimes become best friends while child hood friends become sworn enemies.

Popular reality TV show, BBNaija, is one that had several Nigerians glued to their television screens as they watched their favourite housemates tussle for the prize money.

However some of the housemates did not let the competition get in their way of forming meaningful relationships.

Former housemates, Alex and Miracle, have been able to maintain their friendship even after the end of the game show.

Miracle recently clocked 24 and to celebrate him, Alex took to social media to pen down a heartfelt note praising him. Any fan of the show would know that Alex is an overly emotional lady and that was also obvious in her birthday message to the pilot.

Alex wrote about the times he had been there for her, the pet names he used to call her and she also vowed to always be there for him. She proceeded to pray for him then ended the note with a declaration of her love.

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She wrote: “You know, I’ve been trying to think for a while now, trying to find the words to use but I guess you are too special for words. Miraaa, you are the most straightforward friend I have, very complicated yet extremely simple. Friends see my smile but very few see what’s beyond my smile and you not only see beyond but understand all my smiles.

Miraaa, thanks for understanding my silence, thanks for always telling me the truth and scolding me when necessary. Thanks for always finding time for me amidst your tight schedule. When I left you at the airport, I felt like I was going to break down but you still always come through for me.

When I’m sad, there are 3 people I call but one main person always switches to video call if he ever finds out I’m crying or about to, he gives me time to cry,then yabs hell out of me and makes sure I’m laughing uncontrollably before hanging up. That one person is you. I always value moments when you shop for me, send me items to pick and yab me ontop . Dimkpa, green shrek with many other silly names you call me and I can’t help but value them.

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I love how you prefer me wearing colored hair and no makeup. A lot might misunderstand you but trust me to always have your back and defend you when necessary. Thanks for sincerely being happy for me when good things happen. Thanks for knowing me so well and listening to me even when you really want to tell me to shut up. If I type from now till tomorrow, I can never type what you are worth. I’ll always call you to give you gist about what’s said about you even though you never want to know . I’ll keep being your gist supplier whenever I hear anything .

Thanks for wanting the best for me. Thanks for seeing my heart and for trusting me. Thanks for staying even when people tried to paint bad pictures of me. Anyways the key you picked in the last payport game is part of my key holder and that’s because you are good luck. May the good lord bless you. Funny enough, my second birthday wish is that you pass all your exams. I pray God always leads you. May you never lack good friends. You are irreplaceable. Happy birthday @miracleikechukwu I love you

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See her post below:

Happy 24th birthday to Miracle.

Meanwhile previously reported that Alex who recently clocked 23 got a brand new car from her fans as a birthday gift.

The BBNaija ex-housemates who celebrated her birthday on Friday, February 15 got surprised by her loyal fans with a multi-milliona naira Toyota Venza car.

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February 18th, 2019 by trendazine

The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), if treated properly with the right medications can be maintained. There was a time when society shunned people living with the virus, now it is something others help those living with it fight.

This unity has brought many HIV positive individuals to the limelight, to talk about their struggles and motivate others who are not brave enough or those who are going through some other kind of issue.

2018 brought with it many highs and lows. now looks at some memorable moments this year when HIV-positive individuals have inspired us all.

Zikhona Dingile: The 26-year-old lady is HIV-positive but fought against discrimination via social media. She revealed how the stigma has affected her whenever she disclosed her status.

HIV positive

2 incredible women living with HIV inspire South Africans with their story
Twitter source: Dingile/Motsumi
Source: Twitter

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Dingile urged people not to be afraid to disclose their HIV status but also appealed to the public to be more accepting and understanding.

The young lady had given tweeps the feels earlier this year when she praised her best friend, Sinazo Andries.

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Lebogang Motsumi: This lady is another woman that has motivated South Africans by talking about what she struggles with. She admitted she had been in denial about being HIV-positive for a long time.

The 29-year-old’s story is an interesting one as she initially contracted the virus while only 17 years of age.

The virus was passed on to her by an HIV-positive celebrity who has since passed away. Motsumi eventually accepted her HIV status 3 years later and started taking ARVs.

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However, she stopped when she joined a church with a pastor who claimed he could cure the condition.

After stopping the ARV treatment, she was hospitalised for 6 months as her condition deteriorated. She’s dedicated her life to educating the youth on HIV and to urge them to live positively.

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Motsumi refers to herself as uBabes we HIV via social media to shine a light on the issue. had earlier reported that the 29-year-old had motivated people on Twitter by sharing her story. She revealed that she had 3 abortions, she was defiled twice, lost her womb and lost a son when she was just 16. ( -> We have upgraded to serve you better

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February 18th, 2019 by trendazine

A Facebook user recently called the attention of to a case of alleged armed forces brutality currently ongoing in the Akowonjo area of Lagos state.

The man identified as Olalekan Yusuf in an eyewitness report said that, soldiers from the Shasha Airforce Base have been on the streets since Saturday, February 16, allegedly harassing and beating up people in the community.

He narrated in his report that the soldiers had been stationed on the street after one of the residents of the area required their attention to monitor the reparation of a pot hole at Shasha, Oguntade.

According to the witness, the soldiers while carrying out their duty had taken the opportunity to harass passersby. However, a particular man who was alleged to be a member of the OPC had revolted against the abuse from the military officials which had in turn resulted into a fight.

Soldiers allegedly harass people in Akowonjo area of Lagos (photos, video)

Pictures of soldiers in Akowonjo area of Lagos. Photo source: UGC/ Olalekan Yusuf
Source: UGC

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The witness narrated further that the men of the armed forces had gone ahead to pick up the member of the OPC who had fought against their intimidation.

The incident had since then created tension and an atmosphere of fear as the people in the community are scared to move around freely.

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He said: “There was a pot-hole at Shasha Oguntade that was repaired by one new hotel owner at Coker estate; during the repaired the man went to meet the air commander to station his soldiers there to monitor it… The soldiers were stationed there and not everyone passing by lives in Oguntade community and some people were walking at the side of the road to get things to eat and other stuffs but this soldier started using the opportunity to harass people, beating people up for no reason. Then there was another man that passed through the side and I think the man is an OPC member so they wanted to punish the man as they had done to others but he refused and went in an argument with them that led to a fight between the OPC guy and the Soldiers. They later went to pick the guy up around a place at Bammeke to arrest him. Ever since them we can’t move freely. We cannot go out to buy things because of their intimidation beating people up both male and female since Saturday morning till now. They are still there please we need help.”

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Soldiers allegedly harass people in Akowonjo area of Lagos (photos, video)

Pictures of soldiers in Akowonjo area of Lagos. Photo source: UGC/ Olalekan Yusuf
Source: UGC

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We hope that the appropriate authorities would get wind of this and look into the alleged report of force brutality.

Meanwhile, had previously gathered the report of a Nigerian lady that had taken to social media to narrate her ordeal with soldiers in Lagos. According to the lady, she had challenged the uniform men after they tried to hit her with their vehicle. Instead of getting an apology in return, the lady had been beaten by the soldiers. ( -> We have upgraded to serve you better

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February 18th, 2019 by trendazine

– A Nigerian actress recently took to her page to pay tribute to a deceased close friend

– According to her, the friend died after a church member tried to molest her

– The said lady had accommodated her molester but the assistance she rendered jeopardised her life

A talented actress named Sandra has taken to her Instagram page to mourn a dead friend of hers who had fallen victim to a church member’s prank. According to the Nollywood act, the dead lady in question had taken to accommodating the man from her religious denomination for a night.

The church member who was married had called her to ask if he knew anywhere in the area that he could stay for the night. She called anybody who could be of assistance but help was not forthcoming.

This caused her to accommodate the said man herself. The next morning, rather than leave the same way he came, the married church member tried to sleep with her by forcing himself on her. She refused and one way or the other, her refusal led to her death.

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In telling this sad, tragic tale, the actress took to her Instagram page to share photos of her friend which she and others took with actor Ramsey Noah. According to her, those were the last photos they took together before her demise.

Upon sharing these photos, she took to pouring out her heart through a worded message. See her post below:

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“This was how my friend want to render help and the guy killed her all in the name of adultery, according to the story, the guy called her that he was stranded that he needed a place to sleep,she called people who she thought could help but all to no avail, with her kind heart, she decided to help him since it was just for d night.

“The next day, he tried to sleep with her which she refused and now led her to death, what a wicked world, my friend is gone, she’s gone gift is dead, all in the name of helping a church member or friend,her dreams has been chattered , this was our last picture together with @ramseynouah gift you are gone rest in peace, your goodwill now led you to death……. Rip my good friend.”

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Such a story! Recently, a 13-year-old girl was sexually molested by her relatives till she died. Many people were shocked by this appalling news and even the government had to intervene in the issue. ( -> We keep evolving to serve our readers better.

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February 17th, 2019 by trendazine

On January 29, 2019, African-American movie star, Jussie Smollett, was reportedly a victim of a homophobic attack in Chicago. However, there have been claims that the actor might have staged the attack.

According to Daily Mail, Smollett has faced allegations that he might have staged the incident to save his role in popular series, Empire, because he was reportedly being written off the show.

There have been reports that two Nigerian brothers, Abimbola ‘Abel’ and Olabinjo ‘Ola’ Osundairo might have been paid off by Smollett to stage the attack.

The brothers were arrested on February 13, 2019, in connection to the case. They were picked up at the airport in Chicago after they arrived from Nigeria where they had gone to spend some time with their family.

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Abel and Ola are said to be friends with Smollett and that they sometimes work out together at the gym.

Jussie Smollett denies he paid two Nigerian brothers to stage his attack

Abel and Ola Photo: Instagram
Source: Instagram

Interestingly the brothers have been released with no charges as the police revealed there is now new evidence. Smollett has also vehemently denied paying the two brothers $3,500 to attack him.

His lawyers, Todd S. Pugh and Victor P. Henderson, disclosed to Entertainment Weekly that the star is now being victimised over the false allegations of him staging the incident. They also added that one of the brothers was Smollett’s trainer for a music video.

They said: “As a victim of a hate crime who has cooperated with the police investigation, Jussie Smollett is angered and devastated by recent reports that the perpetrators are individuals he is familiar with.

“He has now been further victimized by claims attributed to these alleged perpetrators that Jussie played a role in his own attack. Nothing is further from the truth and anyone claiming otherwise is lying.’

“One of these purported suspects was Jussie’s personal trainer who he hired to ready him physically for a music video.”

“It is impossible to believe that this person could have played a role in the crime against Jussie or would falsely claim Jussie’s complicity.”

Nawa o.

Meanwhile after the news of the attack hit social media, some Nigerian celebs took to consoling the star including Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh.

Tonto preached love as she explained that people should not be attacked for loving differently. She also sent love and light the actor’s way.

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February 17th, 2019 by trendazine

The issue of tithing has raised a number of arguments among Christians. There are those with the school of thought that paying of tithes is unbiblical while others do not joke with paying it due to their belief that is brings blessings their way.

Nigerian on-air-personality (OAP) Daddy Freeze, is one individual who has been very vocal about his disbelief in tithing. According to him it is unbiblical and church pastors only use it to enrich their pockets.

This has earned him a lot of attacks on social media from people who do not agree with him.

Nigerian comedian, Akpororo, has revealed his stance on paying tithes in the past and he recently acquired another mansion in a choice area in Lagos state.

For this reason, Nollywood actor Uche Maduagwu, took to calling out Daddy Freeze on social media.

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According to him, Akpororo has become a landlord in Lagos despite paying tithes. He wrote: “@akpororo Paid TITHE, and now he is a Landlord in Lagos, @daddyfrz Christianity is not a wrestling ground… @daddyfrz Learn to RESPECT peoples choice to tithing.”

He also warned Freeze to learn to respect people’s opinions because Christianity is not a battle ground: “@akpororo believed in tithing, and today, he now has a beautiful house of his own in Lagos, congrats, but there are people who don’t pay tithe, yet, they also have so many mansions all over the world, the bottom line is this, let us learn to RESPECT each others believe and what works for us, don’t let people like @daddyfrz mislead you, or is Christianity a wrestling contest?

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Meanwhile previously reported that Nollywood teenage actress, Regina Daniels, recently spent millions of naira on a luxury new ride.

Regina recently took to her Instagram page to show off her newly acquired Mercedes Benz ML350. The ride is said to be worth about N7 million.

Congrats to her.

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