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1: advertising on trendazine

free for SME’s (Small and Medium Enterprise) to advertise on this website. the idea is to help you grow, however this offer is free forever, but your advertising contents are subject to review before approval to make sure it meets our standards.

2: to place your SME adverts please fill the form below:

if you are a craftsman or dealer of goods/services and you do not own a website, or any link to advertise, you can simply submit photos of your brand, description, price, and contact address for your prospective customers to reach you. then send to


he want to support your business, but please if you are looking for ways to promote anything related to, and not limited to:

  • ponzi scheme/wonder bank
  • HYPE scheme
  • MLM/Crowdfunding
  • scam/fraudulent activities
  • pyramid/recycling network


we will not fail to ban your adverts forever once linked with such activities. Other than that, this service will forever be free for everyone to grow their businesses. please complete the form below to continue.


I consent to having this website store my submitted information so they can respond to my advertising placement and I hereby confirm that my advert promotion is not related to vogue content, scam, or fraudulent display of products/services.

June 21st, 2018 by trendazine
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